Physical Educator All-Access Pass


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The most awesome resource for Physical Education and/or Active Recreation EVER! Simplify your life and increase your happiness. Transform extra work into PLAY-time! Tandalay makes it easy to get out there and get to it! STRESS-FREE PE at your fingertips!!

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Grades K-8 (perfect for kids of ALL ages!!)



Simplify your life by reducing prep time and making it super fun and simple to play active, confidence-building games anytime anywhere!

  • Enjoy your life more when you use fun, easy-to-teach, easy-prep, stress-free PE!
  • Access to hundreds of lesson plans and thousands of games and activities
  • MyPEscore assessment software for up to 6 classes – complete rubrics for every standard
  • Educational Unit Newsletters in English and Spanish
  • All standards are unpacked and ready to teach
  • Ultra-quick prep and set-up
  • Minimum equipment needed with maximum versatility
  • All players active all the time! No waiting, no elimination, no intimidation!

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